Sebastian Community Center

1805 N. Central Avenue Sebastian, FL




  1. For the safety of all students, instructor directions must be followed.
  2. Warm-ups are crucial to prevent injuries and are a mandatory component of every class. Please arrive promptly.
  3. For the health of all participants and instructors, please do not bring students to class with any communicable illness.
  4. Undisciplined or misbehaved students will be asked to sit out for safety reasons.
  5. Horseplay will not be tolerated. When class is over, there will be no extra tumbling or playing on the equipment.
  6. No food, beverage or gum in the gym/dance area. We do have water available at all times.
  7. Due to space constraints, parents and siblings are asked to wait outside of the building during class time. Parent observation day is held on the last day of session.
  8. All students must be properly attired in appropriate gymnastic clothing or dancewear.
  9. No jewelry, zippers, jeans, baggy clothing or bare mid-drifts. Hair must be pulled back in low pony-tail or bun.
  10. Upon dismissal, students will not be allowed out of the building until parents arrive. Late pick-up fee of $20 will be charged.


Contact:     Kathy Falzone      772- 589-1009